Monday, November 6, 2017

I didn’t get much further on my quilting yesterday. After I wrote my post I went back to the machine and within a dozen stitches I ran out of bobbin thread. I just couldn’t bring myself to wind another at that point in the day so stopped. I finished my first Prayer Shawl last night while I watched Netflix; I have one with a different pattern on the needles now.

I had a bit of a shock when Pat came in the door from Texada. I was working on border three (of four) and thinking my morning was going very well. But Pat comes home on the noon ferry – could it be noon already? Fortunately not – he was packed and ready to go this morning and caught an earlier ferry. I still had enough time to finish my quilting before lunch. I intend to do a scrapping binding on the quilt (since it is made up of scraps) so I pulled a few strips from my stash. I need almost 400 inches of binding so it will be an ongoing project (probably a new leader and ender).

I have a couple of projects packed for the bee tomorrow and I even made a start on pulling projects for the Texada retreat. I had a plan in mind for what I’d do at the retreat and then I started thinking about Christmas and that has thrown everything off just a bit. There is always a Friday night project and I’ve pulled some fat quarters from my stash for it. We also need to take strips of turquoise and burgundy fabric for “something”, as well as a meter of fabric for a new game; I see a trip to the fabric store in my future!

I’ve almost finished my reports for the Cranberry Hall meeting on Wednesday – I feel like I’m gaining that extra hour today rather than yesterday. With what is left of the afternoon I’ll try to find some instructions for lining a couple of Christmas stockings that I’ve embroidered.