Sunday, September 17, 2017

There were too many photos for one post yesterday so here is Part Two.


This is the living room space. Pat will use one side for his studio equipment and we’ll set up a sitting area on the other side. Next trip over I’ll bring Virginia (you remember Virginia don’t you). It will be a cozy spot next to the wood stove.





The kitchen has lots of cupboard space for what we need. We brought a table with us but the chairs didn’t fit so over the weekend Pat used a folding chair that we had and I sat on the top rung of the step stool. Straight down the hallway from the kitchen is the entrance at the front of the house.




There are two bedrooms in the house; one bedroom we’ll use as another sitting area (mostly my area for stitching, reading, whatever). Our queen bed will fit fine in the smaller bedroom; trust me that the first stop we made when we got off the ferry coming home was the furniture store to order a proper bed. I’ve been calling what we had a blow-up bed but in reality it is just an air mattress; sleeping was the only uncomfortable part of the weekend.




We have all the necessities – a bathroom and a laundry room.



Sunday, September 17, 2017

We are back from a wonderful weekend in our new Texada Island home. The conditions were rustic but we had everything we needed to settle into the place. Neither of us could believe how quiet and peaceful the weekend was. When we were leaving I said that the only reason I was leaving was because I knew I could come back whenever I wanted.


The truck was fully loaded when we set out, and we had the prime viewing spot for the ferry ride over.






This is the front of the house. We’ll be replacing the oil tank and moving it to the side of the house within the next couple of weeks.






Here is the back of the house with our very small back yard. These steps and path lead down to the shop.





The shop (Pat says it is too big to call a shed) needs a fair bit of work to be useable for us but it has lovely big windows, lots of electrical outlets and a drop-down ladder leading up to a second story. This view of the house is taken from the bottom of the property, just outside of the shop.



I was ready to read something a little lighter and this fit the bill perfectly.

This is the second book starring the character Louisa. The first in the series (Me Before You) dealt with some tough issues, but this was pure enjoyment. The story takes place several months after Will’s death as Louisa tries to move on with her life. There is an interesting cast of characters and, in places, it was laugh-out-loud funny.




What would prompt make anyone to make a sub-titled documentary about street cats in Istanbul?

Apparently someone had a reason, and someone thought it would be a good pick for our Cinematheque series. Neither Pat nor I thought so!


Thursday, September 13, 2017

I made a quick trip to the Credit Union this morning. I usually plan on a quick trip and then stand in the line-up for half an hour which ends up not being very quick. But today I made it through the line very quickly.

I had time this morning to do a bit of Cranberry Hall accounting, wrap a few more fat quarters and even empty my physical in-basket. I did some tidying and I can almost see the top of my quilting table – the first sight of it in a long time.

Today was a hand stitching day – 3 at 1. I ran out of energy before our time was up and definitely before I ran out of stitching. The two ladies I stitch with started a new project but I didn’t have the pattern so I’ll be a week behind the next time we get together. Gail is planning to rent time on her long arm and I told her I’d be very interested. I have several quilts ready but I need to wait until I can manage a long session of standing.

We’ll be catching the Texada ferry early tomorrow but we have a couple of chairs and a few more bins to load in the morning. The chairs will be sitting upright in the truck bed and I hope we don’t look too much like the Beverly Hillbillies as we head out!