Monday, October 16, 2017

I had a lovely weekend at the studio – my first solo visit. Getting up and down the driveway wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be – in fact I think going down was worse than going up. I spent most of my time indoors working on various projects, but I did drive down to the market on Saturday. And we had our first visitor to the studio.

Don’t think my heart didn’t stop for a moment or two when I heard a knock at the door. But I knew my car was parked outside so there could be no doubt that there was someone at home. So I was very brave and answered it. Our visitor was Jamie from a couple of doors down; his wife saw the red car (and we usually have the truck) and I think they were just checking to be sure whoever was in the house should be in the house. Nice to know they keep track of the place.

I got a lot done over the weekend. I finished a couple of donation sweaters, I finished the ornaments for an Advent calendar and the biggest task of all was cutting down all my scraps. I cut them into squares or strips of various widths because someday I’m sure I’ll find a way to use them. Some of the small scraps go into a bag for a friend and the smallest pieces get set aside for stuffing dog pillows. I took a sewing machine with me this trip (and left it there); I sewed on the kitchen table but I’ll have to find a small table or, if I’m very lucky, someone will be getting rid of a sewing machine cabinet.

When I got home not only did I have to put away all my weekend work but I also had to unpacked my Thursday afternoon sewing projects. I’ve done a bit of prep work for the sewing bee tomorrow although I have one more project I want to do some prep work on. Three projects will no doubt be more than I need but since I was on such a good roll over the weekend I don’t want to run out.


Thursday, October 12, 2013

This morning I finished gathering all my stuff for the Texada trip; I even had time to do a run to the recycle depot. It was to be an afternoon of hand stitching and I wanted to have everything ready so I could catch the 8:30 ferry in the morning.

I love these hand stitching afternoons but I’m beginning to think I’m the only one who takes the sewing seriously. Sandra decided she didn’t like the fabric she was using for her project so decided to wait until she found some she liked. Gail spent most of the time on her computer and discussing the problems at the Seniors’ Centre. I was pleased to get my project finished (another Christmas gift) as well as getting two corners attached to a Farmer’s Daughter block. The visiting is fun even if we don’t all sew.

I’m very excited for next week – Gail is going to give us our first instructions on the use of her long-arm quilting machine. After that we’ll be able to book some time on the machine; I already have a quilt top ready to practice on.

While we had lunch I talked myself into catching the 6:00 ferry tonight so I’m at the studio for an extra evening. It was getting dark by the time I pulled up to the back door to unload, but not nearly as dark as it will be on retreat weekend. My biggest concern was the driveway up to the studio. One of them has a very sharp corner off the road and then is very steep up to the door. The other is a bit more winding but is really just a trail over the Crown land next door.

I remembered my iPad this trip and the Internet is working so, as Pat said, I’m online and off the grid!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I feel like I don’t get anything done these days. I’m either unpacking from a trip to the studio or packing for a trip to the studio. Today I did a little of both.

I did a walk-on to the ferry when I came back on Monday so the majority of my “stuff” came back with Pat today. Before he was even in the door from the noon ferry I had already started a pile of things to take across on Friday when I go over. I went out this afternoon and bought the stuff we had on our list, and I’ve got a couple of boxes full of things that we need to take over from the house. As well as all of that, I’ve decided to move my cross-stitching supplies to the studio. I hardly ever have blocks of time for cross stitching and with it at the studio I might manage a finish occasionally!

I’m going to take one of my sewing machines across although I don’t really plan to do much sewing over there. Before I can pack it I need to sort out which footers belong to which machine. Because they are all Janome’s I’ve had them stored together in a pouch but over the past few weeks at the bee I’ve realized that they aren’t all interchangeable. I’ll take the very basic ones and keep the fancier ones (like the zipper foot) here.

Pat decided the fridge really wasn’t keeping things cold enough so we ordered a new one today. It will ship here and then we’ll have to take it across ourselves. We have a working freezer at the studio so we ordered a fridge without a freezer. That should keep the weight down a bit. We’ll also have to load the old fridge from the studio and find a way to dispose of it. I’m not looking forward to that series of moves.

While I was out running errands this afternoon I stopped at the fabric shop and purchased my first Christmas gift. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile but I wanted to wait until my “Bonus Card” was full in order to get my $25 discount. Who it is for is a surprise!

We’re off to the movie tonight but I think I still have time to sort out my recycling for a depot run tomorrow.


Monday, October 9, 2017

My plan to do a couple of posts from Texada fell apart when I left my iPad sitting on the couch. I know how it happened – I was playing games as I waited for Carola so we could go to the Guild meeting together. She arrived earlier than I expected so when I heard her at the door I jumped up, put down my game and headed out the door. When I got back from the meeting Pat didn’t give me any time at the house before we headed to the ferry line-up. I have to be honest though – I don’t miss being online one bit when I’m over there.

I love “my room”!

I think the pink fleece needs another home (but I use it in the morning when I sit and have my coffee).

We had a great weekend – a hike, a little bush whacking behind our property, and a bit more settling in. We hung more curtains and a few more quilts; before we can cover any other walls though I need to get busy a make a few. We had a Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant on Saturday (yes, there is only one restaurant with limited hours) as well as our own turkey dinner with all the trimmings yesterday. We went to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and travelled down a few back roads on the way home. All in all a very good weekend.

I’m seriously considering heading to the studio on my own next weekend. Pat has a show on Friday but a couple of our Cranberry Hall members are looking after the concession so I don’t need to be around. The Texada Retreat is the middle of November and I think I’d like to try a weekend on my own before then. I’ll see how much courage I have by Friday!

I’ll have supper (sushi – how very West Coast of me!) and then start collecting and packing for the bee tomorrow.



Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We had a great show last night. By the afternoon I was telling Pat I didn’t think the work involved was worth the free entertainment but this performer might have changed my mind. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes.

It was a late night but I was out the door before nine this morning and headed for the bee. I took a project that I started in a class a couple of years ago and it felt really good to be making progress on it. The pattern sheets were all out of order and I think a few were missing but I was able to back track when I needed to and things went together well. Hopefully a couple more sessions and it will be done.

I didn’t tire out at all today and I was one of the last ones to pack up. I knew I was back to “normal” when I was pulling out my leaders and enders before I sewed my seams.