January 10, 2018

I saved the photo on the right from somewhere online as I thought it looked interesting. When I was looking for a pattern for Taylor’s card I came across the photo and decided to add my own spin to it.

It was fun to make. I’ve never used a hoop as a frame before, although I’ve always really like the look of it. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be so I’ll try it again sometime.

At one point I thought the hardest part was sewing on those tiny buttons; as it turned out it was harder to get the frame around the piece.


January 4, 2018

This small stitchery was started, and mostly completed by Mum. When I moved all my cross stitch and embroidery projects to Texada I got a better look at which ones would be easy finishes, and this was the first that I tackled.

I did the framing myself. It fit nicely into a 5″x7″ frame.


When I moved my UFO’s from Powell River to Texada I found three of these ornaments that Mum had finished except for the back stitching.

I bought the 2017 ornaments from Michael’s when I was in Saskatoon. I couldn’t find a pattern for the ornaments so I had to figure out the stitching on my own. And it had to be done this year because the frames all had that “2017” charm.

I neglected to get photos of the other two – one went to each of my girls – but I’ve since received photos of them both.



These stockings were started (and oh so close to being finished) while I was still living in Yellowknife. They didn’t see the light of day again until they were moved from a bin into my cedar chest and taken to Texada.

Although I’ve had a demo on some of these fancy stitches I’m glad that almost all of them were done before I dug it out this year.

Pat and I will hang them this year and hope that they get filled!



I don’t know how long ago I purchased this kit. It was started “way back when” but I didn’t finish it until earlier this year. It was originally intended for Dad but wasn’t finished before he moved out of his house. I set it aside and lost interest in it. But joining some Facebook cross stitch groups got me stitching again and I finished it up.

This will be gifted to a friend in the Lower Mainland; Pat will take it to her when he goes down to do some consulting work in January. Heather has worked for many years with the Glorious Organics Co-op as well as with Farm Folk City Folk. And yes kids, Heather is the one who put the flowers in her salads! There is no one more suited to this than Heather.