Last August, right after I finished the Axel Pullover for Taylor, Christy decided she wanted one too. The pattern came in about a dozen different sizes so it was no problem. I had to order the yarn from online as none of the stores I looked in while I was in the Lower Mainland had enough of it in stock.

I knit the sweater and then decided it was going to be miles to big for Christy. So I took it all apart and knit it again, this time in a smaller size.

I was thrilled to receive this photo from Christy with both her and Taylor wearing their sweaters.




I’ve passed along three more sets of mitts to Elizabeth’s family.

I pulled out one of Mum’s pattern books and used a variety of different yarns. This is the mitten pattern I most often used for my own kids as I like the long ribbed section that slides well up your arm.



December 30, 2016



When we got Christy’s Christmas list she said she wanted a scarf. I asked for more details and she mentioned that “one that Mum makes is always the best (and my jacket is green)”. I didn’t plan this as a Christmas gift but when I finished it there was still lots of time to get it under her tree before Christmas.



December 2, 2016


Scarf, Headband and Mitts


I’ve been trying to clear out a bin of yarn so I made this set. It has been sent to Elizabeth, along with another pair of mitts that I neglected to take a photo of.

The mitts are knit with a double strand of the yarn – the better to use it up! The headband is a seed stitch and I designed the scarf pattern myself.

I had just enough of the peach to make up a scarf and a pair of mittens for a small child; that set will go either to BOND or the Salvation Army.


winter-1Another parcel made its way to Calgary before I left for Houston.

A larger toque for Gavin, mitts for Madison, and a scarf for Elizabeth.