Sunday, November 5, 2017

If you changed timed this weekend, how did you spend your extra hour? I think mine was spent changing all the clocks. We normally do the time change Saturday evening but I totally forgot about it. Fortunately when I woke up at seven (on my clock) I immediately remembered the time change. I’m sure every clock in the house is set a few seconds off one another but they are all in the right ball park!

I don’t think I’ll ever finish this quilt. I’ve worked at it all day and just now I thought I had only the borders left to quilt but I found three squares that I missed. I’ve put so much work into it I sort of hate to give it away; on the other hand I’m rather tired of it!

I was out earlier in the day and picked up a few more Christmas gifts; it is all coming together really well this year. Of course there are still a few things to decide on, a few things to purchase and quite a few things I plan to make. I’ll pack up a few of the “making” things to take to the retreat next weekend.