Saturday, November 4, 2017

I had an early start to my day and was back at my sewing machine just shortly past eight. It turned out there were very few of those nine-patches remaining and I had them done in no time. The first craft fair was on at eleven and before it was time to leave I started on some Cranberry Hall reports – our meeting is on Wednesday.

The craft fair had all the usual suspects selling all the usual stuff – lots of jewelry and natural soap products and table after table of knitting and crocheting. I wasn’t tempted by anything and wondered why I even bothered to go.

I had my eyes open for some possible Advent calendar goodies but nothing appealed (or was cheap enough). After I came home I managed to decide on my game for this year’s calendar so that is a big hurdle passed. I still have to do the shopping but I think (I hope) it will be fun for everyone. It involves some sewing as well so it’s a good thing the retreat is coming up.

I’ve started on the free-motion part of my quilting. I’m using two different patterns – one is a single spiral (when I can keep my focus) and one is a flower – I had a lot of practice with this flower design when I quilted my Celtic Crystals and I’m comfortable (if not terribly accurate) doing it free-handed.

It’s quite a chilly day today and while I had my lunch I watched a show on Netflix. Lunch didn’t take long so I picked up my knitting. I would have liked to have kept at it but my quilt awaits.

We turn the clocks back tonight but I doubt I will notice the extra hour. What I do notice is that it is dark really early in the evening (actually late in the afternoon) and we have a two-hour time difference with Saskatoon. That makes it much harder to phone my grand kids (and their parents).