Friday, November 3, 2017

I quilted all morning. I was hoping that by lunch I would have all the straight-line stitching done but that just didn’t happen. I’ve been working and working and never really noticing how many 9-patches still needed to be outlined; I assumed that with all that I’d done so far I must be close to the end. Maybe it is better that I don’t know!

After lunch I had to go out to pick up a prescription; since I was going to the pharmacy anyway I decided to get my flu shot. I usually go to a public clinic (I understand the cost to the government is less than through pharmacies) but I couldn’t find a clinic until the end of the month and I didn’t want to wait that long. After the flu shot was over I asked about the pneumonia shot; she said I could get that right away if I wanted so that’s what I did. Although the flu shot seldom bothers me I now have the potential for both my right and left arms to be tender. The pamphlet they handed out says that exercising the arm is good so I guess more quilting will fill the bill.

So, back to it!