Sunday, February 11, 2018

We’ve had two sunny days in a row, days that I’ve been home with nothing planned. But am I out on the deck spray-basing my quilts? No! I should be, but with the Film Festival on next week I know I won’t have any time to start the quilting so I’ve decided to wait until the following week. Although that particular week is getting busy there should still be time to at least get one quilt sandwiched.

Today’s adventure was heading out to the Saltery Bay ferry terminal. Our weekend performer left his phone somewhere along his way to Vancouver. It was returned to Earl’s Cove; between him and BC Ferries we got a call about it and Pat said they should send it across to Saltery Bay and we would pick it up and send it to Vancouver. When we arrived this morning the phone had come in to Saltery Bay but, because the package was marked Earl’s Cove, it went back across the water. They brought it in on the afternoon ferry and Pat successfully picked it up.

While we were out we stopped at Cranberry Hall. We are getting proper curtain rods for the two windows; the curtains are currently held up with push-pins. With rods each window needs more than one panel; since the curtains were donated by us (they were old ones we weren’t using) we will donate two more panels. The length of each panel needs to be adjusted so I had to figure out how I did them the first time around. I also needed to take some photos of an old electric organ that has been sitting in the Hall since who knows when. We’ll try to give it away.

I spent most of the afternoon working on my Strip Quilt (Bloom). For what is left of the day I think I’ll do a bit of crocheting. We’re off to the movie tonight; with Film Festival approaching a movie was the last thing we wanted to do but you have to see the movies while they are here as they don’t stay long.