Saturday, February 10, 2018

My head knows that it is Saturday but I’ve had to keep reminding myself all day that it isn’t Sunday. Perhaps it is because our concert was on Friday and not the usual Saturday evening that things are all off. Most of the things I’ve been doing today have been done in advance and scheduled for sometime further along in the year; my first task was to wap up a couple of knitted projects to take to the mail on Tuesday.

Adding to the overall feeling of not knowing what day it is, I finished up my last Valentine this morning, wrote up a page for my project book, wrote a web post and scheduled it for Valentines Day. I did the same for a couple of other projects with scheduled dates of April and June.

Since we are going to start on a new project next time I decided to finish off my Thursday project. It isn’t really finished, but the main part is done; I’ll add some borders to it. I thought about making another couple of blocks so it would be a decent-sized table runner but since I think it will be donated to the Member Appreciation event I don’t want to take any more time on it. I’ll add a couple of borders so it is big enough to use as “something” and then call it quits.

For the rest of the afternoon (and with what time I have before supper) I’ve been cutting out more blocks for my Strip Quilt. The pattern in the book calls for 20 blocks so I’ll start with that many. The blocks themselves (the two I’ve made) went quite quickly so I may decide to make it a bit larger. It is amazing how different people see different colours – my burgundy strips are anywhere from burgundy through dark blue and the turquoise strips are anywhere from turquoise to green. I have more burgundy strips than turquoise so some of the blocks may have repeated colours. I’m sure it won’t matter in the end. And I think I probably have enough strips for a second quilt of some sort!