Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I planned to get the Cranberry Hall minutes out this morning, do a couple of quick Guild updates and then move on to something more fun.

I was barely started on the minutes when Pat arrived home; I wasn’t expecting him until the noon ferry. I was almost done the minutes when friends dropped by so I took a break for a visit. I was done the minutes before lunch but while I was eating Pat needed some figures from our Cranberry Day celebration and it took all my afternoon time to get them together (and balanced).

I had an appointment at the medical clinic and as I headed into the pharmacy a young woman was looking for jumper cables. I know that sick feeling when your car doesn’t start and I told her I had cables but had only watched them being used once. No problem as another young woman in the pharmacy knew how to use them but didn’t have any in her car.

The two women got everything connected but when they tried to start the cars, neither one would turn over. Just then a woman came out of the pharmacy and said she would bring her car over and we could start both cars. This woman knew what she was doing and without any hesitation she had Car #2 hooked up. It started fine and then she did the same with Car #1.

My job – possibly the most difficult of all – was getting the cables back into the carrying case!

It’s nice to know that my cables are being put to good use. I really must learn how to use them.