Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It’s been awhile so it was good to be back at the bee today and I accomplished quite a bit. I had one complete project to do and I didn’t think it would take long, even though it involved a zipper. I was congratulating myself on how well I managed putting the zipper in when I realized the instructions mentioned top stitching the lining. I had neglected to attach the lining with the zipper so everything had to be taken out again. Thank goodness I had someone to ask questions of and I managed to get it done before noon. I started on a collection of ornaments based on the English paper piecing I did while on my trip and at Texada this past weekend. Although I don’t have them all done they seemed quite quick to put together so I’m confident I’ll have them done with time to spare.

Before heading to the bee I wanted to get a package mailed so I was at the post office shortly after they opened. There was a small line-up when I arrived but I didn’t think that was unusual. What was unusual was that the clerk had a phone attached to her ear; she had been on a support call for 45 minutes as their computer system wasn’t working. The woman at the front of the line finally decided to bring her packages back tomorrow. The next two people in line needed stamps so they were able to deal with them manually. I had a bubble-wrap envelope to purchase and mail and I decided I’d buy the envelope and come back tomorrow but, since the package was small, they were able to send it as a letter and could do it manually. Fortunately the package has lots of time to arrive at it’s destination so it should be good. I admire the patience of the women who work behind the counter at the post office; they never rush you and they never seem to be in a flap no matter what the situation.

Last night I dug through my patterns and imagine the happy dance I was doing when I found the leaflet I was looking for. And then imagine the let-down when I realized the patterns I was looking for weren’t in that particular book. I have a feeling the patterns might be part of a Precious Moments collection; I know I have at least one of those books and I’ll search through my patterns again. If I don’t find what I’m looking for I’m going to get rid of the half-done projects and start over. I had hoped to have them done for Christmas but it isn’t looking too promising at this point.