Monday, December 4, 2017

It was a busy weekend on Texada; when I mentioned that to someone I was told that “every weekend is like this one”!

We had dinner at the restaurant on Saturday before heading off to the play. As I waited for Pat to pay the bill our waitress called me by name saying she hoped I enjoyed the show. I was surprised that she knew my name but Pat later admitted that she had asked him. If we are at the studio together we often go out for dinner one night and Pat often goes when he’s there on his own; the same two people are always working. The play was what you might expect from a local theatre company; I think had we known the people on stage we would have enjoyed it more. They started the show early on Saturday so Powell River folks could catch the ferry back; I was surprised at how many Powell River people were at the play. As we were leaving I said to Pat that it was nice to go out for dinner, see a play and be on the way home by 8:30!

We hosted a little soiree at the studio on Sunday. Our neighbour, Jaimie, wanted Pat to meet his brother so we invited them all over for coffee in the afternoon. We also have a new neighbour just at the bottom of our hill so we invited Bev to join us. There is still one set of neighbours that we haven’t met but I’m sure we will at some point – one or both of them are musicians. Pat likes the idea of knowing our neighbours as they will keep an eye out for us when we aren’t there.

Sunday night the coffee shop was hosting a tree lighting in Van Anda. We had coffee and hot chocolate before going outside for the actual lighting (which took about five minutes). They had a piper playing but he didn’t know any Christmas songs; after the tree was lit we went back inside for some carol singing. The tree is lovely but it was overshadowed by the moon; a full moon in a clear sky that was pretty much directly above the Christmas tree.

My stitching wasn’t as successful as I wanted it to be but I had enough to keep me busy in my free time. I got the binding stitched down on three gifts and moved on to some knitting. I wasn’t very far along before my needle broke; I taped it together but the stitches weren’t sliding over the tape very well so I gave that up. I wanted to do some back stitching on some pieces that Mum had started but I couldn’t find the pattern; I attempted to “wing it” but realized it wasn’t working. I looked at images online and found the name of the leaflet the pattern came from so I’ll have to go through my books to see if I can find it. I may have already gifted it to Emma thinking I wouldn’t need it. Thank goodness I took my English paper piecing project with me. I got all my little pieces stitched together and even managed to get some of them appliquéd to the background.

I came home on the afternoon ferry today and now I need to get busy preparing for the bee tomorrow.