There were four films on the schedule, but we only made it to two of them; we were just too tired to go out for the evening movies.

Meet Beau Dick: The Maker of Monsters

A documentary about the acclaimed Alert Bay artists Beau Dick. While well-known for his carvings of masks, the film also highlights his activism on behalf of First Nations and the environment.


The City Before the City

This film documents the struggles of the Musqueam First Nation in their fight to gain control over their ancestral lands through the area now claimed by the City of Vancouver (and parts of the Greater Vancouver Regional District) and particularly over an area where ancestral remains were discovered prior to the building of a condo development. A 200-day vigil was held at the site in 2011; I am ashamed that I don’t remember hearing anything about this.




Friday, February 16, 2018

We’re all set for tonight’s concert – Janelle Nadeau! It’s going to be a good one.



Although we were preparing for a House Concert tonight I had time to slip away for a bit this afternoon for a movie.

Meditation Park

Set in Vancouver we meet a Chinese couple, their daughter and her family as they gather to celebrate the husband’s 65th birthday. We soon learn there is an estranged son but we never meet him. When Maria discovers her husband, Bing, is having an affair the rest of the film deals with how she evolves from a loyal Chinese wife and mother to a woman who is a friend to her neighbours and discovers how to follow her own path. One comment in the film describes the “box” she was in at the beginning of the film – when we are young we have to obey our fathers, then when we marry we must obey our husbands. When our husband’s die we must obey our sons.


Faces Places

What a delightful documentary about Agnes Varda, an 88 year old filmmaker, and JR, a 30-something photographer, as they travel through rural France visiting with and filming working-class people. Giant prints of their photos are then hung on various buildings – think barns, blocks of housing units, abandoned towns. They drive around in a van that has a photo booth in the back and out of the side of the van these large blow-ups are spit out.


For Dear Life

This wasn’t an easy documentary to watch as it follows the path of one man from his terminal cancer diagnosis, through treatments and his eventual death. It certainly sparked a lot of conversation – both on the way home and I was still talking about it with friends at the theatre the next day.




Thursday, February 15, 2018

I’m off at the Film Festival but I managed to complete my two blocks for the Guild’s next meeting. Both patterns came from my Block a Day calendar; up to now I’d never made any of the blocks but for the rest of this Guild challenge I will definitely be referring to it. Both blocks will finish at 12″ square.

This block was made completely from the scraps provided in my grab bag. I had to change the pattern slightly to accommodate the sizes of fabric I was given.

This block was made from my own stash – not even from my scrap bins. I had a lot of trouble with it and several of the seams had to be sewn twice (and maybe more if I’m honest). I love the finished block though.