It took me awhile to get into this story but by about half-way through I couldn’t wait to find out what happened.

The narrator of the novel is a late-middle-aged woman who is recounting her life. As a young woman she was on the FBI’s most wanted list because of her anti-government protests and actions. She flees to Africa and ends up in Liberia where she takes a position working with chimpanzees. She marries a mid-level bureaucrat and they have three sons. Life is never easy due to government corruption and various factions trying to overthrow the current leader. Life gets more and more violent until she flees the country and makes her way back to America.

Just a few days after I finished the book there was a democratic election in Liberia, the first in almost 70 years. The results have yet to be announced.


Monday, October 9, 2017

My plan to do a couple of posts from Texada fell apart when I left my iPad sitting on the couch. I know how it happened – I was playing games as I waited for Carola so we could go to the Guild meeting together. She arrived earlier than I expected so when I heard her at the door I jumped up, put down my game and headed out the door. When I got back from the meeting Pat didn’t give me any time at the house before we headed to the ferry line-up. I have to be honest though – I don’t miss being online one bit when I’m over there.

I love “my room”!

I think the pink fleece needs another home (but I use it in the morning when I sit and have my coffee).

We had a great weekend – a hike, a little bush whacking behind our property, and a bit more settling in. We hung more curtains and a few more quilts; before we can cover any other walls though I need to get busy a make a few. We had a Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant on Saturday (yes, there is only one restaurant with limited hours) as well as our own turkey dinner with all the trimmings yesterday. We went to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and travelled down a few back roads on the way home. All in all a very good weekend.

I’m seriously considering heading to the studio on my own next weekend. Pat has a show on Friday but a couple of our Cranberry Hall members are looking after the concession so I don’t need to be around. The Texada Retreat is the middle of November and I think I’d like to try a weekend on my own before then. I’ll see how much courage I have by Friday!

I’ll have supper (sushi – how very West Coast of me!) and then start collecting and packing for the bee tomorrow.



Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We had a great show last night. By the afternoon I was telling Pat I didn’t think the work involved was worth the free entertainment but this performer might have changed my mind. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes.

It was a late night but I was out the door before nine this morning and headed for the bee. I took a project that I started in a class a couple of years ago and it felt really good to be making progress on it. The pattern sheets were all out of order and I think a few were missing but I was able to back track when I needed to and things went together well. Hopefully a couple more sessions and it will be done.

I didn’t tire out at all today and I was one of the last ones to pack up. I knew I was back to “normal” when I was pulling out my leaders and enders before I sewed my seams.


The first weekend we spent at the studio on Texada we had a table but no proper chairs. I also noticed the lack of placemats when we ate our meals. I have two sets of placemats (4 in each set) at home but we sometimes need more than four at a time and the two sets are matched enough that they can be used together. That meant I needed to get busy and make a new set.

I had the orange fabric left from another quilt project so I thought I could use some of it up and we’d have a fall theme for this time of year. The pattern is called Fine Dining and it gave me a little trouble. It is set on point and I have a lot of trouble getting things to go the right way and put together in the right order but I managed. Although the placemats don’t exactly match the chair cushions I’m okay with it.

Also on our first trip over we had plastic bags collected and no where to put them. I whipped up this simple bag holder and it is serving us well.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

I had a few errands to run this morning – a drop off and pick up at Cranberry Hall, a stop at the dollar store, a quick trip into Walmart, and money taken out at the bank. All that was finished before the Credit Union opened so I had coffee and a muffin at Quality Foods before making my Cranberry Hall deposit.

When I came home I got my reports ready for the Guild meeting tonight. I didn’t think I had much to report on but when I started going through my files, my notes and e-mail I realized there was a lot.

When those reports were ready I caught up on the Cranberry Hall accounting. I got the minutes written and circulated so that is off my to-do list, although after the meeting last night I have a couple more action items I need to get done before the next meeting.

As we sat at lunch we were reliving our East Coast vacation. Pat has a friend visiting Annapolis Royal at the moment. He did the cemetery tour and we started to remember our trip. I had to go upstairs and get my journal out to fill in the blanks when we didn’t remember where we went after we left Annapolis. I really must get back to digitizing my journals and photos.

We have the truck loaded for our trip across to the studio later tonight. We can go for half-fare during the week but we’d be at full fare tomorrow morning. I’ll make a quick exit from the Guild meeting tonight (even though I am on kitchen duty) and we’ll take the last ferry over.

We had the furnace over there checked out today. We got a call from the maintenance person saying he was done and he wanted to talk to us. That can’t be good news. We suspect the fridge might not be working properly so we’re taking a thermometer with us so we can check it out. Good thing it is stress free once we are there.

We have Internet at the studio now so I expect I can journal a bit over the weekend.