Monday, February 12, 2018

Pat had a nap yesterday afternoon and I was busy crocheting until he called me for dinner. I thought the clock said 5:30 which meant we had lots of time for dinner and the movie. The next time I looked at the clock it was 7 PM – I had misread the time by an hour the first time. So we’ll go to the movie tonight; the official Film Festival starts tomorrow night.

I’ve been working in my studio most of the day. I had a couple of blocks I wanted to re-do as I had used the wrong fabrics. When I started the sew-along I decided to use my 30’s Reproduction fabrics but when I made the first two blocks, I picked fabric from my scrap bins. So I redid the first two blocks in the series with the fabric I originally planned.

I have two twelve-inch blocks due for the Guild – one to be made with scraps they provided, and one to make with my own fabric. My standard MO for these blocks has been to sew the pieces together in some manner and then trimmed them to the required size. I wanted to do something different (and more challenging) so I started looking through my Block A Day calendar and came up with something that I could make work. It isn’t exactly as the pattern shows but I used almost all of the scrap fabric provided. My second block will also be from the calendar.

I had a couple of nice walks up to 7-Eleven and back this afternoon. I wanted an iTunes card and took only my $10 bill with me; sadly the smallest card I could get was for $15 so I walked home, got more money, and then headed out again. It is a lovely day out so I didn’t mind at all.

I’m packed and ready to go for the bee tomorrow. Now back to that second block!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

We’ve had two sunny days in a row, days that I’ve been home with nothing planned. But am I out on the deck spray-basing my quilts? No! I should be, but with the Film Festival on next week I know I won’t have any time to start the quilting so I’ve decided to wait until the following week. Although that particular week is getting busy there should still be time to at least get one quilt sandwiched.

Today’s adventure was heading out to the Saltery Bay ferry terminal. Our weekend performer left his phone somewhere along his way to Vancouver. It was returned to Earl’s Cove; between him and BC Ferries we got a call about it and Pat said they should send it across to Saltery Bay and we would pick it up and send it to Vancouver. When we arrived this morning the phone had come in to Saltery Bay but, because the package was marked Earl’s Cove, it went back across the water. They brought it in on the afternoon ferry and Pat successfully picked it up.

While we were out we stopped at Cranberry Hall. We are getting proper curtain rods for the two windows; the curtains are currently held up with push-pins. With rods each window needs more than one panel; since the curtains were donated by us (they were old ones we weren’t using) we will donate two more panels. The length of each panel needs to be adjusted so I had to figure out how I did them the first time around. I also needed to take some photos of an old electric organ that has been sitting in the Hall since who knows when. We’ll try to give it away.

I spent most of the afternoon working on my Strip Quilt (Bloom). For what is left of the day I think I’ll do a bit of crocheting. We’re off to the movie tonight; with Film Festival approaching a movie was the last thing we wanted to do but you have to see the movies while they are here as they don’t stay long.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

My head knows that it is Saturday but I’ve had to keep reminding myself all day that it isn’t Sunday. Perhaps it is because our concert was on Friday and not the usual Saturday evening that things are all off. Most of the things I’ve been doing today have been done in advance and scheduled for sometime further along in the year; my first task was to wap up a couple of knitted projects to take to the mail on Tuesday.

Adding to the overall feeling of not knowing what day it is, I finished up my last Valentine this morning, wrote up a page for my project book, wrote a web post and scheduled it for Valentines Day. I did the same for a couple of other projects with scheduled dates of April and June.

Since we are going to start on a new project next time I decided to finish off my Thursday project. It isn’t really finished, but the main part is done; I’ll add some borders to it. I thought about making another couple of blocks so it would be a decent-sized table runner but since I think it will be donated to the Member Appreciation event I don’t want to take any more time on it. I’ll add a couple of borders so it is big enough to use as “something” and then call it quits.

For the rest of the afternoon (and with what time I have before supper) I’ve been cutting out more blocks for my Strip Quilt. The pattern in the book calls for 20 blocks so I’ll start with that many. The blocks themselves (the two I’ve made) went quite quickly so I may decide to make it a bit larger. It is amazing how different people see different colours – my burgundy strips are anywhere from burgundy through dark blue and the turquoise strips are anywhere from turquoise to green. I have more burgundy strips than turquoise so some of the blocks may have repeated colours. I’m sure it won’t matter in the end. And I think I probably have enough strips for a second quilt of some sort!



Right from the beginning you know that there have been two deaths in a home where a family is celebrating Christmas. What we don’t find out until the end is who died and what happened. The chapters are divided so we get to know the background story of all the members of the family and some of the secrets that may have led to the deaths.

Goodreads Rating * * * *


Friday, February 9, 2018

I finished up my cleaning this morning before heading out to the stores. I didn’t worry too much about the house because we don’t have a crowd coming in but I made sure I did all my usual cleaning and a little bit extra. We have a House Concert next weekend but we’ll be at Film Festival most of the week so I needed to get a bit of a head start on things. Not that I expect anything will stay clean!

We needed a few groceries and I needed treats for the show tonight; to get everything I wanted I had to shop at both Quality Foods (for their Marble Rye bread) and Safeway (for their English Muffins). Mini doughnuts, mini tarts and Valentine cookies will be on the board tonight. I’ll go to the Hall early to help the “new guys” set up; next time they will be on their own. If there is anything left at the end of the night Pat can take it to the afternoon workshop tomorrow.

It wasn’t until I checked my mail after lunch that I realized today they released Week 2 of my latest quilt-along. I hadn’t done Week 1 yet so I worked on them this afternoon. Both are finished now. The pieces I was using were all 1.5″ or 2″ and it was very handy to have my scrap cabinet right beside my cutting table. It is amazing how many things you can make from scraps and not even see much of a dent in the drawers.

We’ve got some sunny weather today and it is supposed to last. I’m hoping to get at least one quilt sandwiched this weekend. For now though I’m going to do a bit of work on my Thursday project – or maybe my Strip Quilt. Always lots to choose from.