Saturday, December 2, 2017

There has really been no reason for me not to post from Texada – I guess since it feels so much like a holiday when I’m here I don’t think to do it.

The show last night was just short of a sell-out – Oliver Swain was performing and he had a local musician opening for him (it’s like the big time having two acts in one show). I ended up helping to take tickets before the show; after the show I helped with dishes then did the rest of the clean-up (sweeping and cleaning bathrooms). In order to get us home before midnight Pat got out the mop and bucket and washed the floor.

We headed over to Texada on the 9:30 ferry this morning so we had time to unpack and settle in before heading out to a craft sale at the Legion. I saw lots of people I know from quilting both in PR and here on Texada. Pat also saw a couple of people he’s met here so it feels like home.

I got my bindings hand stitched this afternoon and moved on to some knitting. We’re off tonight to see a play written and performed by a local theatre group. We’ve heard it is funny but I wonder if you have to know the actors to really find it funny.