Friday, December 1, 2017

Yay, I can finally start putting out my Christmas decorations. Since I came back from Saskatoon I’ve been itching to get it all out; Deloise’s house was beautifully decorated for the Open House and Kathryn was busy getting her tree and decorations out. I admit that one of the table toppers I used last night for the House Concert was Christmas-themed but it was covered with glasses most of the night.

It has been a busy day today but I’ve actually accomplished something in the studio. We sat up late chatting but I was up at my regular (early) time this morning and I managed a bit of tidying in my space before anyone else was up. Because our performers came with a stand-up base it took two vehicles to pick them up from and deliver them to the ferry. As soon as I dropped off my passenger I headed out to do a bit of shopping.

When I got home I headed back upstairs and have three items ready for hand stitching – I’ll pack them in my Texada bag. Along with those projects I’ve added three knitting projects as well as the second step on half a dozen other projects. No, I’m not staying for a month but I want to tackle at least one of each of these new projects so I can get an indication of how long they all will take. I also pulled fabric for another Christmas gift as well as the necessities for a couple more pillow cases although they aren’t on the gift list and will get done “whenever”.

We have a Cranberry Hall concert tonight. I’ve paid for my ticket so, in theory, I shouldn’t have to do any work; I’ll make myself available to help out wherever it is needed though.