The first weekend we spent at the studio on Texada we had a table but no proper chairs. I also noticed the lack of placemats when we ate our meals. I have two sets of placemats (4 in each set) at home but we sometimes need more than four at a time and the two sets are matched enough that they can be used together. That meant I needed to get busy and make a new set.

I had the orange fabric left from another quilt project so I thought I could use some of it up and we’d have a fall theme for this time of year. The pattern is called Fine Dining and it gave me a little trouble. It is set on point and I have a lot of trouble getting things to go the right way and put together in the right order but I managed. Although the placemats don’t exactly match the chair cushions I’m okay with it.

Also on our first trip over we had plastic bags collected and no where to put them. I whipped up this simple bag holder and it is serving us well.